An afternoon of Matrix Photoshop :)

So this afternoon I was looking at my triple screen desktop pc and was thinking to myself how bored I am with my background images.. I went looking for some ASCII art stuff and came across this page:-

Well after seeing the ‘Matrix’ convert option and looking back at my three screens I couldn’t help but recall the famous quote from the original Matrix movie

“You get used to it, I don’t even see the code.  All I see is Blonde, Brunette, Redhead…”

With the mental image of Cipher pointing at each screen in succession as he utters those words burning bright in my brain… well I couldn’t resist.

And here are the fruits of my work procrastinating day!…

5040 x 1050 triple screen desktop background

5040 x 1050 triple screen desktop background

Yes I geeked out and made sure they are in the correct order that Cipher points to them…

Finally we get to see what Cipher sees!!

Individual images are here….