DERP Client is now public!

If you don’t know what a DERP! is then please refer to my earlier post

I have just pushed an early alpha version of the DERP! terminal client up to Github at:-

Of course you can clone the repo with:-

At the moment its basically a load of shell scripts bundled together for ease of use and should serve as a simple UI for people that want to get the DERP up and running with no fuss.

Everything is automated with the exception of the system clock.  The Raspberry Pi has no hardware realtime clock battery so it defaults to the Unix epoch (Jan 1st 1970) on boot.  Most of the time it will automatically update its own clock upon boot over the internet via a NTP server  but this will be no good if you are in Starbucks and have yet to establish a wifi connection.  I have therefore added the capability to set the clock manually, just press 4.

Initiate a wifi connection with 2 and then everything should be green.

Then simply press 6 to establish a connection to Tor and then 7 to keep a watch on the connection.

Hopefully it’s that simple!   Here’s a screenshot, everyone loves those…

derp terminal screenshot

Screenshot of the DERP terminal client