Diminished Eavesdrop Raspberry Pi – State of the Project

This Post will get modified as the project progresses.

Introduction to the DERP

Where to get the DERP (Bitcoin & Paypal)

The current state as of  Jul 23rd 2013 is.

Photo of the DERP

Item Status
Hardware design complete Yes
Operating System complete Yes
Client software operational Yes
Ready to ship Yes

The Feature list (in rough order of priority) is:-

  • Create a terminal client for monitoring and connecting to Tor DONE!
  • Create a Distro agnostic DERP provisioner using a tool like ‘Puppet’  (so that every RPi owner can install DERP on their distro of choice)
  • HTML front end client – for even easier use.
  • Configure Raspberry Pi logging (enable RAM only log option) i.e. re-do the /var/ mount properly.
  • OpenVPN support
  • PPTP or IPsec VPN support (for smartphones)
  • Rapid switching between Wifi hotspot (aka Onion Pi mode)  and ethernet mode with firewall templates.
  • Bitmessage support
  • Cryptocat support (maybe, depends if it becomes accepted by the security community)
  • LXC Containers or DOCKER support.
  • ‘Future Future Maybe Maybe’ – Port Knocking support.

Progressing with the project…

My intention is to get the basic functionality working and then put these up for sale.  I will then use all the money I earn to fund me adding to the feature list and then push those updates to everyone for free.  Basically the more I sell the more I work on it.  I will also take a democratic approach by working on whatever you guys want me to. If no one cares or funds me then I will just plod along when I can spare the time.

Feedback is most gratefully received!