How To: Arch Linux Install with Btrfs & GPT


This is my first venture into btrfs and I may not have this all figured out.  I tried a zero partition setup (/boot partition as a btrfs subvolume ) but I couldn’t get it to work.  I settled on a GPT disk with a small ext4 /boot mount with btrfs on /dev/sda2.  If you know how to do this a better way please let me know and I will amend this page.

First let’s create the partition layout:

So far so good…  Now lets create the filesystems

Btrfs Subvolumes

OK so I’ve been reading up about btrfs and the benefits of snapshotting and subvolumes, I want my root inside a subvolume to get all the benefits..

To do this im going to temporarily mount the btrfs partition, create a subvolume and then mount that separately.

And thats it! Everything else after that went completely smoothly.  FYI I chose syslinux bootloader and

inside the chroot worked flawlessly.

**:  I did have problems booting inside Virtualbox before the Hex code (EF02) was set on the partition.  I originally had left it as the default 0x8300