Firefox: css wont load for localhost [resolved]

For those with the same issue:

I just spent hours trying to get firefox to load my css files in my localhost apache dev environment.  I ran into a wierd bug where the page would load fine but appeared to not even bother requesting the style sheets.  There was no fetching let alone parsing.  Chrome and IE were working fine, Firefox was not.

At first i thought it was a Mime type issue as other pages were loading fine and then i thought it was an apache Vhosts issue as other directories appeared to be working fine.

Anyway to cut a long story short it turns out it was the Ad-block firefox extension i had installed.

There’s no place like” …Err except if you happen to be running Adblock software :(

Hope this helps others with the same issue.

  • wpadminwculver

    No problem, i’m glad it helped somebody as it is one of those things you don’t expect. I was tearing my hair out spending all my time on apache configuration thinking it was a server side issue.

  • god help me I had the same issue! I’ve had so many issues with adblock and I was wondering why this wasn’t working for the life of me, I’d run into these types of problems but i didn’t think adblock would block ALL of the css so I never considered it! Thanks for the help you’ve saved me a bundle of time!